1967 Mercedes 250SL Coupe-long storage won't start!

Jul 22, 2023

Welcome to Grafco Electric, your trusted partner in automotive electrical services. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating story behind the 1967 Mercedes 250SL Coupe, its prolonged storage, and the challenges it faces in starting up again.

Unveiling the 1967 Mercedes 250SL Coupe

The 1967 Mercedes 250SL Coupe is a stunning piece of automotive history. This iconic model is renowned for its sleek design, powerful performance, and luxurious features. However, after being stored away for an extended period, it is not uncommon to encounter difficulties in reviving the engine.

The Effects of Prolonged Storage

When a vehicle like the 1967 Mercedes 250SL Coupe remains idle for an extended duration, several issues can arise. One of the most common problems is the deterioration of the fuel system. Stagnant fuel can lead to clogged injectors, fuel lines, and filters. Additionally, the battery may have drained, engine oil may have deteriorated, and internal components may have experienced corrosion.

Expert Solutions to Revive Your Classic Car

At Grafco Electric, we understand the intricacies of vintage cars and have the expertise to bring them back to life. Here are our professional recommendations to help you start your 1967 Mercedes 250SL Coupe after prolonged storage:

1. Fuel System Inspection and Cleaning

Our skilled technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your vehicle's fuel system. This includes checking the fuel tank for impurities, cleaning or replacing fuel filters, and ensuring proper fuel line connections. By eliminating any obstructions, we can restore the fuel flow, allowing the engine to run smoothly.

2. Battery Evaluation and Replacement

A depleted or damaged battery is a common culprit behind starting issues. Our team will assess the condition of your car's battery and recommend a replacement if necessary. We will also ensure the battery terminals are clean and securely connected, optimizing electrical flow.

3. Oil Change and Lubrication

After a lengthy storage period, the engine oil may have degraded, losing its lubricating properties. Our experts will perform an oil change, using high-quality oil that suits your vehicle's specifications. Lubricating critical components will minimize friction, promoting smoother engine performance.

4. Electrical System Checkup

Grafco Electric specializes in automotive electrical systems. We will meticulously examine your car's electrical connections, wiring, and ignition system. Any faulty components will be repaired or replaced to ensure optimal electrical flow throughout your vehicle.

5. Engine Diagnostic and Tune-Up

Our skilled technicians will conduct a comprehensive engine diagnostic to identify any underlying issues. From adjusting the ignition timing to inspecting spark plug performance, we leave no stone unturned. A thorough tune-up will greatly enhance the overall functionality of your 1967 Mercedes 250SL Coupe.

Trust the Experts at Grafco Electric

With decades of experience in the automotive industry, Grafco Electric is your go-to source for reviving classic cars like the 1967 Mercedes 250SL Coupe. Our passionate team has a deep understanding of vintage vehicles, mechanics, and electrical systems.

When you choose Grafco Electric, you can expect exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail, and outstanding customer service. We take pride in our ability to breathe new life into treasured classics, allowing owners to relish the joy of driving these timeless machines.

Contact Grafco Electric today to schedule a consultation and let us help you bring your 1967 Mercedes 250SL Coupe back to its former glory!

Dana Hawker
You won't believe the challenges faced by this amazing 1967 Mercedes 250SL Coupe after long storage!
Nov 8, 2023