4-Cylinder Gas 1958 to 1972 Points-to-Electronic Conversion Kit

Oct 25, 2020

Welcome to Grafco Electric, your trusted source for top-of-the-line automotive electronic ignition conversion kits. If you own a 4-cylinder gas vehicle manufactured between 1958 and 1972, you're in luck! We have developed a premium conversion kit that will transform your points ignition system into high-performance electronic ignition, taking your vehicle's efficiency and power to the next level.

Why Upgrade to Electronic Ignition?

Before delving into the specifics of our top-notch conversion kit, let's first understand the benefits of upgrading from the outdated points ignition system to an electronic one.

Increase Performance and Power

Electronic ignition systems provide more accurate and reliable spark timing, ensuring optimal combustion in your engine. This precise timing enhances overall performance and power, resulting in improved acceleration, smoother idling, and increased fuel efficiency. With our conversion kit, you'll experience a noticeable boost in your vehicle's performance, delivering a powerful driving experience like never before.

Reliability and Consistency

One of the major drawbacks of points ignition systems is their tendency to wear out and require frequent maintenance. The constant need for adjustment and replacement of ignition points can be time-consuming and frustrating. By upgrading to electronic ignition, you eliminate these maintenance hassles and enjoy a more reliable, long-lasting ignition system. Say goodbye to unreliable starts and hello to a consistent ignition performance!

Easy Installation and Compatibility

Installing our conversion kit is a breeze! Our team of experts has meticulously designed the kit to fit perfectly in 4-cylinder gas vehicles manufactured between 1958 and 1972. With clear instructions and comprehensive installation guides, you can have your electronic ignition system up and running in no time. Enjoy the convenience of a plug-and-play solution that seamlessly integrates with your vehicle's existing components.

About the 4-Cylinder Gas 1958 to 1972 Points-to-Electronic Conversion Kit

Our conversion kit is specifically engineered for 4-cylinder gas vehicles manufactured from 1958 to 1972. Crafted with precision and expertise, this kit is the ultimate solution for upgrading your points ignition system to electronic ignition without any hassle. Let's take a closer look at the remarkable features and benefits of our conversion kit:

Enhanced Ignition Control Module

Featuring an advanced ignition control module, our conversion kit delivers optimum ignition timing, ensuring maximum performance from your engine. The module utilizes cutting-edge technology to constantly monitor engine conditions and make real-time adjustments to improve ignition efficiency. Say goodbye to points-related timing issues and enjoy the benefits of precise ignition timing!

High-Energy Ignition Coil

Our conversion kit includes a high-energy ignition coil that enables stronger spark output compared to traditional coils. This improved spark intensity ensures efficient combustion, leading to enhanced power delivery and fuel economy. Experience a remarkable improvement in your vehicle's overall performance and responsiveness with our high-quality ignition coil.

Durable and Reliable Components

Quality is our utmost priority, and our conversion kit reflects that commitment. We use only the finest materials and components, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. From the ignition control module to the spark plugs and wiring, every component in our kit is engineered to withstand the rigors of daily driving. Invest in our conversion kit and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your ignition system is built to last.

Comprehensive Installation Kit

We understand that a smooth installation process is crucial for our customers. That's why our conversion kit comes with a comprehensive installation kit. You'll find all the necessary components, such as wiring harnesses, connectors, and detailed instructions, to facilitate a seamless installation experience. Even if you're not a professional mechanic, you can confidently install our kit with ease.

Proven Performance and Customer Satisfaction

Over the years, our conversion kit has garnered praise from countless customers who have experienced the remarkable transformation it brings to their vehicles. Whether you're looking to upgrade your vintage collector's car or enhance the performance of your daily driver, our kit delivers exceptional results. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have unlocked the full potential of their 4-cylinder gas vehicles with Grafco Electric's conversion kit.

Final Thoughts

If you own a 4-cylinder gas vehicle manufactured between 1958 and 1972 and are seeking to improve its ignition system, look no further than Grafco Electric's 4-Cylinder Gas 1958 to 1972 Points-to-Electronic Conversion Kit. Upgrade your points ignition to electronic ignition and experience the unparalleled benefits of enhanced performance, reliability, and ease of installation. Don't compromise on the quality of your ignition system - choose Grafco Electric and unlock the full potential of your vehicle today!